1. They Help Me So Much

    What started off as a simple desire to become healthy and have a more active lifestyle, has known grown to be a passion for pushing my limits to the next fitness level. With the help of this duo power couple > Rock and Karma, they have helped me build so much endurance and strength that I never even imagined I had in me. Tire Flips, Rope Climbs, Box Jumps, High Elevation Training, you name it .…Read More

    Daniela Silva
  2. Such A Great Environment

    Rock & Karma Fitness, what can I say. They are great motivators with their philosophy of nobody is left behind, it truly brings people together and elevates them. Raul & Karen provide such a great experience for those who are novices and are on the fence about Obstacle Course Races, that a month with them and you will get through any 5k OCR. The homework is great, because it holds you acco…Read More

    Tito TC Hernandez
  3. It Will Change Your Life

    Rock and Karma are two of my favorite people. I met them both on my fitness journey and I have to say I couldn't have gotten this far without their workouts, their spirit, their motivation and most of all their leadership. If you are looking for something more than just a workout and want to be a part of an awesome fit family send them message and hit one of their training sessions! Trust me, it w…Read More

    Sonja Robertson
  4. You Will Feel Unstoppable

    I recently joined Rock and Karma to up my workout game. I'm happy to say that I'm so glad I did. They are not your average personal trainers and the workouts can speak for themselves. The commitment to their craft is what drew me in. They will make you feel unstoppable while kicking your butt in the process. They will give you much needed support and treat everyone like family. Work hard because y…Read More

    Karina Gutierrez
  5. Amazing!

    Rock and Karma Fitness are the most amazing human beings I've ever met. They literally go out of their way to make you feel welcomed and valued. Their training is intense and beyond anything I ever thought I could possibly do. They not only train to get you physically stronger but also mentally. This team like mentality makes their training sessions like no other. In the short amount of time I've …Read More

    Falcon Velez Connie
  6. More Than Willing to Help

    I don't know where to start really. Rock and Karma are absolutely beautiful people inside and out. They really care for the people they are training. They literally put their hearts into every workout. If you need anything they are more than willing to help you. They will help you reach your fitness goals while making you feel like family. I love seeing them start this and love having them be a pa…Read More

    Marissa San Martin
  7. Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

    By far on the best decision I've ever made. Awesome workouts filled with intensity and motivation. If you need that extra push and motivation to meet that fitness goal this is the place! Rock and Karma are the sweetest and toughest mutha effers you'll meet. Their no man/woman left behind attitude will help guide you and give you the confidence you need to accomplish any task!! Every workout was di…Read More

    El Mikey Veezee
  8. Love The Workout

    I recently started with team. Best decision I made in my fitness journey. Raul and Karen are knowledgeable in obstacle course race. They workout are targeting for obstacle course race. Both Raul and Karen have done plenty of races to design a good workout program from beginner to expert on how to strengthen for races. They also treat you like family and encourage you from day one. The team also tr…Read More

    Henry Rodriquez
  9. Encouraging and Inspiring

    If you're looking for something different and that extra push then R&K fitness is definitely the way to go. I met Karen and Raul during my fitness journey about a year ago and They have been nothing but amazing and inspiring. Being a part of the Carpe Diem family has been an amazing experience, I never would have thought that would be able to complete an obstacle course race but with Raul and …Read More

    Cindy Martinez
  10. You Are Not Just A Client

    I have never met 2 trainers that loved so much what they do as much as Raul and Karen AKA Rock and Karma. They give their heart and soul to their clients, but soon you find out that to them you are not just a client, you become part of this awesome family. They both posses this amazing energy and positive vibe that is so contagious that you can't help but to love them even more. I remember the ver…Read More

    Marie Rueda