You Are Not Just A Client

I have never met 2 trainers that loved so much what they do as much as Raul and Karen AKA Rock and Karma. They give their heart and soul to their clients, but soon you find out that to them you are not just a client, you become part of this awesome family. They both posses this amazing energy and positive vibe that is so contagious that you can’t help but to love them even more. I remember the very first day I met Raul as a trainer for the Camp, he was full of energy and he kept us energized the whole time and at the very end he finished his workout making us dance to Nae Nae song. I thought to myself “WOW, now that was a workout!!!” But that was short lived because he announced that same day that he was moving to a different Camp in L.A, then he opened the elite training, I loved it so much that I didn’t mind driving an hour on Thursdays to be there at 9pm and get home at 11pm just to have to wake up the next morning at 4am… His energy is what kept me going for more. Then he met Karen (Karma) and it was a match made in a heaven, the 2 of them together was twice the energy. The way they care for people (not just clients) shows in a way that you have to witness it to understand it. I am honored to have met two beautiful souls and to have become part of their growing family. If you are looking for a place to meet your goals, look no more because they will guide you, teach you, support you, encourage you and take you under their wings.

Marie Rueda