As a small business we draw a lot of support from our local communities and families. As a thank you, we are always looking for ways to PAY IT FORWARD. We are advocates of education and fitness, so if there is a way you feel we can help please email us at and share your story!

UPCOMING SPONSORED EVENT!  Join us Feb 2019 for our FIRST EVER sponsored race!

“The Grit OCR course features a challenging 10K course that is 95% dirt trails with 5% old paved asphalt, throughout the course will be 20+ obstacles that are designed to test the strength of your whole body, pushing you to the next level of strength and fitness. We believe that anyone can do this, but it won’t be easy, you will be challenged, you might even scream at it, but you will also love it, and you will have an awesome time. Register now and prepare to challenge yourself!”  We are so pleased to be able to sponsor Grit OCR this year and we expect big things from our team! Join us February 2019 four our first EVER sponsored race!”

Register Now:


Team:  Rock & Karma Fitness

We proudly support the Galaxy Boys Soccer Team!

“Thank you Rock & Karma for supporting the Galaxy Boys soccer team. Your support helped Redlands Ayso Region 8 and under have an amazing soccer season. Even though we don’t keep rank at this division the boys had 9 wins 2 ties and 1 loss. Thank you again for your support and giving the boys an opportunity to be healthy, fit and have fun!”   – Nichole Ruiz