Rock and Karma founders Raul and Karen have run over 100 obstacle course races between them, and they wanted to break into a branch of the industry that not many touch on. These races have are more than just a physical test of body and mind, they have evolved into a widely accepted social phenomenon. Unfortunately a lot of people shy away from them, thinking that it just demands more physical toughness than they have.  Our mission is to challenge that assumption.

In 2017 Raul and Karen decided to start training small groups in one of the most widely known races (Spartans) to help people break those mental barriers and challenge their physical limits. During the training they touch on endurance, strength, and strategic training – both in the gym and out in the elements.  This approach creates a very different and invigorating workout that can’t be experience in a traditional gym.  Not only is this a great physical workout, but our sessions instill a strong  team mentality – we live by the motto “No One Gets Left Behind.” Whether it is a member of our team or a competitor we’re facing, if we see someone struggling it is our first instinct to go and help them successfully complete that obstacle.  We take pride in the fact that ALL of our teammates live by these words!

Today we have more than 200 members on our team living in New York, Canada and Japan!  We are recognized nationwide as we travel to different venues and new races, and even on social media where we work hard to help and encourage others.


Karen Marie aka KarMa

A recent Cal State Long Beach Undergraduate in Criminal Justice and Criminology, and co-founder of Rock & KarMa Fitness, I found my calling in the fitness industry not long after I lost someone very close to my heart. Fitness was an escape, something that helped rehabilitate myself… helped me find my confidence, and break through those obstacles I never though I could. I have an opportunity to positively influence people everyday in this industry, and it never feels like work when I am with my clients.

With the support of my partner, and the glowing support of our growing fitness family, we are able to share our brand with everyone we come into contact with.


Raul aka ROCK

I have always been an athlete, I played sports for longer than I can remember. I joined the Marine Corps in 2000 and deployed under operation Iraqi Freedom. Fitness has always been a big part of my lifestyle, and helped me when I came home from my tour. Working a full time job, and being a parent of two, I found fitness to be my escape from the daily stresses. That was when I found I had fallen in love with fitness and decided to pay it forward.

Being a Co Founder of Rock & KarMa Fitness with my awesome partner, I am able to reach out to more people everyday!